Forró is a music and dance style from northeastern Brazil. A joyful, diverse music, which has developed since the fifties into a meanwhile worldwide phenomenon. The typical instruments are Zabumba, Sanfona and Triangel.

Forró is not only easy to learn as a couple dance, it also make a lot of fun! It can be danced slowly or quickly and leaves much room for creativity in its step sequences. With his flowing movements and catchy rhythms, Forró quickly captivates everyone. The couple dance is danced in a very sensual way, the body and the dance partner move in sync with each other in the characteristic rhythm of the music.

There are many different styles of dancing Forró. In this course you will learn Forró Pé de Serra. Because we regularly change the dance partner, it is not necessary to come with a partner to dance.

This is what Forró looks like! Thanks to Helena Wöhl for the wonderful shots. Music by Forró de Ka.