Purpose, charity of the association

(1) The association based in Dusseldorf exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “Tax-privileged purposes” of the Tax Code (AO).

(2) The purpose of the association is the promotion of art, culture and sport within the meaning of § 52 (2) of the Tax Code.

(3) The purpose of the articles of association is achieved in particular by the following activities:

   1. The promotion of Brazilian dance culture and all other sports:

   1.1 The participation in cooperations, sports- and gamecommunities;

   1.2 the appropriate organization of an orderly sport, play, practice and course operation for all sectors, including recreational   and recreational sports;

   1.3 participation in tournaments and demonstrations, athletic competitions;

   1.4 the care and support of leisure and recreational sports;

   1.5 the education / training and the use of properly trained instructors, trainers and helpers;

   1.6 participation in sports-specific and also comprehensive sports and club events;

   1.7 the promotion of other sports (the regulations of the parent Federal, state and regional associations).

2. The promotion of Brazilian art, culture and music:

   2.1 The organization of cultural events such as exhibitions, readings, theater, Dance and music;

   2.2 Increasing social attention for Brazilians as well for Brazilian culture and Brazilian traditions through public relations (Readings, open house, lectures, art exhibitions, development policy Educational work and others);

   2.3 the implementation of intercultural projects and encounters involving participation and promote integration, e.g. Dance events, language tandems between German-native speakers and others.

3. Increasing tolerance and international understanding at all cultural levels:

   3.1 The integration of young Brazilians and others through language teaching, School and career counseling, etc. and promoting their participation in social Events, etc .;

   3.2 cooperation with charitable bodies or entities of the public law such as schools, museums, clubs and educational institutions in the sense the purpose of the association;

   3.3 advising young people and adults on social and educational issues;

   3.4 the suppression and education of all forms of violence and drug use;

   3.5 strengthening and supporting members through consultation and networking with other people as well as by creating opportunities for encounters.

4. The offer of workshops, seminars, trainings and festivals and the sale of Merchandising articles:

4.1 The organization and implementation of paid workshops, seminars and Training on the topic of dance or sport or culture;

4.2 the organization and execution of festivals;

4.3 the sale of merchandising items (cups, T-shirts, etc.).

The complete constitution of the association TanzKultur Brasil e.V. can be found in PDF format in the following link:

Statute Tanzkultur Brasil